I’d walk a mile for a camel

So, presumably, would one of OBL’s alleged aides, Tarik A. Hamdi, who is apparently now working for the new Iraqi government at its diplomatic facilities in neighboring Turkey. Supposedly, Hamdi provided batteries for a satellite phone used by the head Evildoer himself.
Interestingly, evidence was released about Hamdi’s activities while he was living and working for an Islamic Institute in Herndon, Virginia (near the nation’s capitol). But somehow, Mr. Hamdi, regarded as a stateside contact for bin Laden and/or A.Q., was permitted to not only move around, but get a job with the new Iraqi government that we are propping up.
Assuming this fellow really is as important to the bad guys as our government’s affidavits assert he is, why isn’t he in jail? And if the Government doesn’t have the evidence to back up these contentions, then why the hell is it making them? And frankly, who exactly do we have in custody?
Coming off the revelations that the 9-11 Commission blew off information that the military was already tracking Mohammed Atta and his friends over a year before 9-11… and given that the purported surveillance of Mr. Hamdi all took place after 9-11… is there any reason to have confidence in any part of our defense, intelligence, or evaluation apparatus?
You got me…