Not just a job. It’s an adventure.

The U.S. Navy hasn’t used that particular tagline for a while; my favorite Navy ad remains one I saw on a billboard over the Brooklyn Queens Expressway which appeared shortly after 9-11 (and well before our invasion of Iraq), and then not much thereafter, i.e. “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of those who threaten them.”
In any event, we’re back to the adventure part as some maniacs fired katyusha rockets (the kind favored by Palestinians lobbing things at Israel) over two U.S. Navy vessels docked at Aqaba, Jordan. For good measure, they managed to kill one Jordanian soldier and seriously injure another, and one of the rockets drifted over the border into Eilat, Israel (one of the least targeted locales for terrorism within the Jewish s tate).
Sufficeth to say, this story is still “developing”, including awaiting a final determination as to whether the target was (1) the United States Navy, (2) the Jordanian military, or (3) Israel, or (4) all of the above… Given the current Israeli pullout in Gaza, the possible American pullout from Iraq if we can get them to agree to a damned constitution, and everything else going on in the region… well, let’s just say that this could be a lot of things.
None of them good, of course…