Fall into the Gap

It seems to be a Bush II Administration tradition: get yourself in charge of selecting a key position, and then pick yourself. Dick Cheney did it for the vice-president position, and now, White House Counsel Harriet Miers has done it for the opening on the Supreme Court. Ms. Miers has never served as a judge, and therefore, doesn’t have that irritating paper trial. She has been a lawyer in Texas, bar association president, Dallas city council-person, has no (irritating) husband or kids, and… is a really, really good buddy of the President.
We’ll find out, of course, that her political-ideological written record may be sufficiently stealthy so that she too can get through an entire confirmation process without having to commit herself to anything on any issue, before she takes her place as a probable ideological clone of the woman she is replacing, i.e., a probable hard-ass conservative who will probably not vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, which matters of course, to Democrats as nothing else does, even as the High Court will probably assist in the otherwise dismantling of all other constitutional protections as all power is shifted to the whim of the executive branch.
Ms. Miers was one of the first (the first?) woman partner at a major Texas law firm, first woman state bar president there, and, as noted above, a good buddy of the President… Now, her faithful and useful service to the Imperium will be duly rewarded with a sinecure that will doubtless outlast the Imperium…