And we’re off

While the nation amuses itself in today’s version of the Neo-P.T. Barnum Circus known as the Trump Administration, specifically trying to guess which “senior official” wrote “the Op Ed” in the NY Times, the latest machinations of Bob Woodward’s coming book (i.e. “Trump is a mentally disturbed moron”), it seems that there is a second stolen Supreme Court nomination at issue, that of one Brett Kavanaugh.
I had the privilege, once, of watching Candace argue before a panel on which Judge Kavanaugh was the presiding judge. Prior to that, she moved for his recusal, on the basis of his refusal to disclose the extent he worked on issues concerning Guantanamo detention policies while an official at the Bush White House.
Candace recently wrote a
letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee raising the same concerns.
Your mileage may vary.
Perhaps you, unlike me, are enjoying the circus?