So this is Fitzmas

CNN is reporting that I[rve] Lewis “Scooter” Libby will be indicted later today, Rove stays “under investigation” and that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald will make some kind of public announcement at a press conference at 2:00 p.m. EDT today.
Talking dog senior legal analyst Mrs. TD had suggested that one possible strategy for Rove might be (rather than the childish name-calling he has already engaged in) to bait the prosecutor by daring him to indict… pointing out that any indictment would be based on nothing after years of investigation, slapped together at the last possible moment, and flimsy evidence.
Your talking dog felt this strategy might be problematic if Rove was singing like a canary to save his own behind, and knew he was not going to be indicted. If in fact the Special Prosecutor is going to ask to extend the grand jury and continue the investigation, with Mr. Rove one of its targets, we may well see this kind of change in strategy… in which case, advantage Mrs. TD. Indeed, expect the Republicans to start echoing the mantras of Democrats of five or six years ago, who, when commenting on the Whitewater investigation, noted the years and millions of dollars involved. (They’ll find that this sort of mantra will play better than trying to belittle perjury or obstruction of justice charges, which the public, notwithstanding indications to the contrary, understands full well.)
Of course (although no Bill Clinton hagiographer, me) we must point out that no one on a federal government salary was indicted in Whitewater. If Scooter– chief of staff to the vice-president of the United States— is indicted, it will be “Plamegate Prosecutor 1, Whitewater Prosecutor nil” in the “nailing corrupt officials with indictments” department.
The day is young.