Shameless Self-Promotion

The world news is too depressing; I am really horrified hearing about that sea-plane crashing in Miami; I’m annoyed by the President’s arrogance at stomping on what we used to think were our constitutional r ights, and I’m perturbed at the possible disruptions to be caused by a New York City transit strike. So instead… something completely different… a shameless self-promotion…
You are getting very sleepy, sleepy… you will go over to the Koufax Awards at Wampum and nominate this blog for “best series” (that would be “the talking dog”) for our series, “the unlawful combatant interviews” (of attorneys Dratel , Katyal and Newman) or the complete “interviews” including those same three plus Staff Sergeant Shanona Gregozek and Pulitzer Prize winner David Hackett Fischer ).
Let’s face it: this blog won’t win best blog, or best writing, or any of the other popularity contests, given that we average fewer hits in a year than Atrios will get in the next twenty minutes. But best series… yes, bigger blogs are competing. But did they go out and get the story themselves? Or just package stories already available on the net. You see, these interviews are relatively rare on the net: a blog, and one not particularly well-trafficked at that, doing actual reporting… OK. Shameless self promotion over.
When I clap my hands, you will wake up, and go over to Wampum and nominate this blog for best series. Clap.
You will now remember nothing. Except to tell everyone you know to go to Wampum to nominate the talking dog’s “interviews” for best series.