Court of Karma

At a cell in the Hague, the Netherlands (the only “double the” place-name I can think of) former Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic was found dead, apparently of natural causes.
While many will feel cheated at the lack of a verdict, given how the trained-as-a-lawyer Milosevic was conducting himself, and giving the complexity of the case that the Euro-justice-ers had concocted against him… as it wound into its third year… a conviction was by no means a foregone conclusion.
Without question, Milosevic ordered, or at least failed to order the cessation of, the worst atrocities committed in Europe since the Second World War… Could this be proven satisfactorily to the special tribunal set up to try him? Don’t know. But I do know he did it. And he knew it too. And he now takes that to his grave.
Intereestingly, at 65, Milosevic was around the same age as Saddam Hussein… most interesting…