Post-partisan depression

Say what you will about the President’s pre-prime-time speech yesterday justifying his inexplicable (“Hillary made me do it?”) decision to inject American military forces on the rebel-side of the evident civil war going on in Libya, but I note that uber-neocon Bill Kristol liked it… a lot. Look… we’re already hearing about photos of the victims of “kill teams” in Afghanistan, we’re still in Iraq… and over 100 other countries… So why not place our personnel in a position to commit yet more atrocities (or have some inflicted on them)? I’m sure that like most stopped clocks, Bill Kristol is right twice a day and all…, but American military intervention, particularly lately… doesn’t have such a good record. Just saying.
Anyway, here we are. I must confess that I have found the just-over-two-years of the Obama Administration to be nearly as frustrating politically as the first eight years of the George W. Obama Bush Administration. That, and the fact that so few of you are reading (a combination of the loss of “big box” blogging links, the advent of Facebook, the fact that I don’t blog so much anymore)… and I find it difficult to blog that much. OTOH, I’m such a stubborn bastard, that I’m likely to keep blogging, for my own personal amusement if nothing else.
I suppose I should consider shifting over to making this blog more about my general interests– besides, of course, the law, Guantanamo and helping Candace with her representation of Guantanamo detainees– such as urban vegetable gardening, vegetarian cooking, and ultra-marathon distance running, along with home remedies, and perhaps home and bicycle repair (I have to get going on the latter few there… maybe we’ll all learn together!),.. in short, the political system, in Barack Obama’s evidently sincere desire to be in full collaboration with the most offensive elements of the Republican Party“trans-partisan”… one can see why there is just not much truck in playing the partisan screaming game in such an environment, and the most intelligent political move I can think of is to take our ball and go home… and concern ourselves with functioning in a society where we can expect the center not to hold– in any sense, be it the central government, or much of our economy and its supply networks.
While we have an opportunity to still operate in a functional industrial economy and society, this is an excellent time (really our last chance) to get ourselves and our families for the not-so-familiar (and potentially not-so-nice) society that comes next.
This has been… “Post-partisan depression.”