CIA Boss Goss: Leaker Tossed… Truth Lost…

The CIA announced that a veteran CIA employee (the Associated Press asserts that her name is Mary McCarthy…last assigned to the CIA’s inspector general’s office looking into allegations of torture at prisons in Iraq) was fired for speaking to reporters about the CIA ghost prisons in Eastern Europe that resulted in a Pulitzer Prize to Dana Priest of the Washington Post.
As we know, there are good leaks, that support the parochial interests of the Bush family, their principal campaign contributors, and their family retainers… and there are bad leaks, that, well, don’t.
This apparently was a bad leak, and Mr. Goss (one of the aforementioned family retainers)… felt he had to take action… I mean, these revelations were, you know… embarrassing… (I’d suggest that, if true, Ms. McCarthy is owed at a minimum a Congressional medal of freedom, and in any event, our eternal gratitude for opening our eyes to yet another abominable abuse of governmental power supposedly in our name to protect us from “terrorists.” But… no one seems to be listening to my suggestions…)