Under new management

It would seem that a deal is in the offing, to wit, the unpopular-among-the-Sunnis-Kurds-and-Bushmen Iraqi prime minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari has agreed to step aside and make way for his fellow Dawa party member Jawad al-Maliki to assume the post.
This, as we all know, will be the instant panacea we have all been hoping for, and within days, in addition to all remaining Iraqi schools being painted and hospitals rebuilt, the oil infrastructure will be quickly restored, security will be in place, Shiite death squads and militias will promptly disband, Sunni insurgents will turn in their weapons, water and electricity will be provided regularly, and American forces will be welcomed with flowers, parades, and free pie too.
And Iraq will thereby avert a civil war, which of course, it is not in now.
And Iran will see that we mean business, and back down, before we have to launch nuclear weapons at it.
And the President will find the real Plame leaker. And O.J. will find the real killer. And the Gulf Coast will be rebuilt by next Thursday. And gasoline prices will revert to under $2 per gallon. And tax rates will decline more, while the deficit is reduced to zero. And everyone will be a millionaire.
We should have found this al-Maliki guy sooner.