It’s ALWAYS about this

I was kind of wondering what the new initiative by Karl Rove the President on “immigration reform” was about… Ginning up a new wedge issue to hold Congress? Something to do with Mexican domestic politics? A sudden bout of concern for a real issue? And why do it at a time when approval ratings appeared to be plummetting, and the little support the President had left, to wit, among his own base, might be eroded by being “soft on Mexicans”?
This morning’s New York Times gets right to it, of course: it’s about the contracts. That’s right: billions in contracts for a “virtual fence” (as opposed to an Israeli style fence fence, or perhaps to “supplement” it) involving lots of high tech gadgets that will cost a fortune, enabling much cash which can make its way into brown paper bags and numbered Swiss bank accounts to be generated. And the usual suspects (Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrup Grumman… can Halliburton and Bechtel be far behind?) are lining up at the trough.
Why did anyone think it could be anything else? I must say, in all the May sunshine, it even had me confused for a while. With this gang, it’s always “follow the money”… until the eventual rathole… which is always somewhere.