The G.O.P. Victory Tour

We’ve, of course, been harping on the themes that the GOP wiill be relying upon to victory in maintaining control of both houses of Congress around 44, 45 days from now, including (obviously) first and foremost torture and star chambers, with Big Brother surveillance next week… all, you know, to keep us safe. BTW, given the USA intelligence report out that shows that we have made the threat of terrorism far, far worse thanks to our Iraq invasion; according to reports of the National Intelligence Assessment reported upon by the Grey Lady, it appears that AQ and other terrorist threats have metastisized and spread around the globe, it sure looks like we’ll be NEEDING a party that can keep us safe!.
Again, though, as we’ve been discussing, the facts only matter to a point: will the public come to the conclusion that the Bush program has been a big enough disaster to turn him and his party out? Given that Karl still believes that he can play cards like taxes and gay marriage, let’s just say, I don’t think so.
Of course, for those Americans who like torture (certainly the majority of our elected representatives in Congress and our entire executive branch seem to love it, even if polling data is somewhat dubious on that point)… they’ve just got to love what is happening in Iraq, where it is clear that the new regime we have mid-wifed is now presiding over far more and far worse torture than Saddam did (at least if you’re willing to believe those lying sacks of s*&^ from the U.N., of course.)
Finally, it looks like the October surprise won’t be coming in September after all, as the Saudis (how the f&^% do they know these things?) are denying French intelligence reports that OBL is dead. More accurately, since the French reports were based on Saudi intelligence reports, the Saudis are saying there is no evidence of OBL’s death, i.e., cutting the legs out from under the French report.
I’m sure that back in the Bat-shit Cave, OBL and his minions are rubbing their hands together and saying, to paraphrase the President, “Soon you’ll be hearing from ALL of us.” I mean, look… 44, 45 days isn’t nearly enough time to groom a new bogey man before the mid-terms; OBL will just have to hold on at least long enough to release his Halloween video for the election week voter-riling.
At least, that’s how you bet.