“Borrow and Spender-In-Chief” Derides “Tax and Spenders”

What’s old seems to be new again. Flush from the sudden goodwill from being almost certainly about to be exonerated-by-legislation for his own (and his associates’ and underlings’) war crimes, the President has now moved on to that tried and true Rovian tactic: accuse the Democrats of being the party of higher taxes.
No, not even I can believe it either… but that’s the theme and the pose he is taking, and it would seem that this may be the full extent of Republican “domestic policy”. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you just have to admire these guys’ discipline (not to mention cojones).
OTOH, the only thing more certain is the ineptitude of the Democrats’ response. Democrats, of course, have already been rolled and played for the patsies they are on the torture and star chamber thing (and are about to be again on the Big Brother eavesdropping). Still and all… taxes? TAXES? Not even “tort reform”?
If this s&^% actually WORKS AGAIN this round (even if it is packaged with “all fear all the time”), let’s just say that we, truly, will have the government we deserve (although once again, I don’t recall knife-raping a nun.)