Causes Du Jour

Our buddy and AmStreet head muckity muck Kevin urges us to take a look at his piece summing up the call among people of conscience (i.e. Democrats and Independents) for the immediate release of both so-called “National Intelligence Estimates” pertaining to the Iraq War, so that the President can’t “nuance” his way out of the ultimate conclusion that his boneheaded decision to invade Iraq and his even more boneheaded mismanagement of that invasion made the problem of terrorism worse. Not so hard, is it?
And I am reminded of having sat through a legal seminar at work on the subject of global warming, that our esteemed Chairman of the Senate Public Works Committee James Inhofe has, in addition to calling global warming the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people, called those who believe in it akin to the Third Reich… at this point, I guess, the best “scientific” evidence I saw was in the range of political: our own National Academy of Sciences joined with those of a number of other countries to confirm that the Earth is warming up and that warming is attributable to the actions of man, and Al Gore polemics aside, even former skeptics are now convinced that the effects of global warming are not only here, but that action is critical. And yet, we have a government not merely denying the problem, but doing everything in its power to make it worse and prevent others from improving it. Led by dufuses in Congress, like James Inhofe.
And there you have it. Those are today’s causes du jour.
Update: I find it somewhat amusing that this is “archive2” post number 666, it talking about global warming and all… Just saying.