Congress passes star chamber and torture

While Will Rogers always said that no citizen was safe while the Congress was in session, any claim to humor in that remark was duly eviscerated when the august body, the United States Senate, duly caved to the President’s demand to “try” poor schmucks that he calls “terrorists” arbitrarily (if at all), detain them forever, and insulate anyone who would abuse them (i.e. himself) from later prosecution, and passed this abomination of a bill, making us, officially, the only nation in the world to legally and officially sanction torture. BTW, there is nothing stopping the application of this “law” (the detention and torture part, of course) to citizens (military tribunals are limited to furriners… for now…)
We all understand that the rights of any accused never get much shrift from Americans; we understand that much, and certainly, furriners believed to be terrorists (even if they were guilty of getting picked up for bounties in Afghanistan or Pakistan as was the overwhelming majority of cases) get even less shrift.
But this will not play well anywhere else. Our troops, if and when captured, will be in far greater danger than they already are. Certainly, our moral authority to demand decent and proper treatment has now been flushed down the toilet, and ex-tortured prisoner of war John McCain even had his hands on the flusher. One of these days, we all might want to consider caring about things like this. Maybe. But hey, we gotta mid-term coming up in, like 40 days…?
Not much to say. Bruce the Veep e-mails a David Greenberg quote:
“Arlen Specter said the other day that the bill ‘would take our civilized
society back some 900 years.’ He voted for it anyway.”
That sounds about right. One hopes we are not watching anything irreversible to the fabric of our republic, or civilization (whatever that means anymore). One is certain we will look back at this someday with the greatest of shame. One hopes… that we live long enough to be around to do that.
Who knew that Americans really were this yellow in our hearts, as to be so afraid of a swarthy bogeyman that basic values of civilization are deemed unmaintanable? Who knew? Somewhere in his cave, or more likely, his villa with swimming pool, in North Waziristan, OBL is laughing his ass off. This has got to be more than he could ever have hoped for.
Perhaps he’ll even tell us that in his video next month.