Something else we’re all not paying attention to while we continue to be distracted by a man no longer in Congress not having sex with a no longer 16 year old congressional page: Condi is running around the Middle East like the proverbial chicken without a head; she took an evidently unscheduled detour to Iraq to talk to al-Maliki about, you know, the escalating (from “very high”) level of violence in Iraq, which is on track to make this the worst week followed by the worst month for American casualties (not to mention for Iraqi casualties).
In short, while the Gang that Can’t Even Spin Straight Anymore ponders the mid-terms and calling Democrats cut and runners and appeasers and bedwetters and gay child molestors liberals who can’t be trusted to defend us… their number one act, keeping Iraqi oil safely oil offline (so that their Saudi friends can raise the prices again after the mid-terms)… seems to be going badly on all other fronts.
Fortunately, of course, the mounting American casualties (the kind our electorate cares about) aren’t on the front pages (haven’t been for a long time, though the accelerating level is indeed “news”), as instead… pages have been out in front. Won’t matter. Once that Armada makes its way into the Straits of Hormuz and attacks Iran at the end of the month… perhaps we can call this all “Rice-Iran-y”… And, of course, once the United States is bogged down in a third Asian shooting war… well, we all have to rally around the President’s party in mid-terms.
It’s the law.