Mayflower Macchiavellians

Let me be among the last in the blogosphere to talk about the new book (called “Tempting Fate”) coming out by former White House “faith based initiative” official David Kuo, discussed in this Lala Times piece. It seems that, in person, the faux Texan New England patricians of the Bush White House were most gracious and accommodating of so-called leaders of the religious right; behind their backs and among each other, the Bushmen called the faithful “nuts”… albeit, politically useful nuts.
And there we have it. The themes are all coming together; obviously, this book is being released within a month of the election for a reason. The usually well-oiled GOP message machine is now working perfectly… the wrong way. The fact is, the Plutocrat Party is, in a country with a large working class population, always likely to be a minority party. But a Plutocrat Party that manages to successfully espouse a monopoly on morality (read in America as sexual virtue, and nothing else)… can forge enough of an alliance with Southern Protestant faithful… to hold power in our fractious system. Especially when suburban and exurban women can be made fearful of their children’s safety. The Foley scandal, tying in the GOP leadership, is almost as perfectly designed a dagger as possible aimed at the heart of that alliance. And Kuo’s book would seem to be another jab at that alliance.
It turns out that this might be a more fragile coalition than thought. And each and every element of it is under assault right now (except for the real base, the Plutocrats, who are pouring money in big time in a desperate effort to hold power.) And given the rigged, gerrymandered system they have set up, and their monetary advantage, it might still work for the GOP to hold both houses of Congress (poll numbers be damned!)
Though that outcome is rapidly not becoming… how you’d bet.