Let the games begin!

Let’s see…
It’s now being widely reported that it’s over in Virginia… giving the Democrats control of the Senate. Yes, yes… the Allen people won’t concede. But who cares. This one appears to be over,
Well, win or lose, now that the election is finally over, oil prices were just bound to be going to go up.
Things are so cynical and vicious in GOP circles now that the White House didn’t even have the decency to wait until it could confirm that the GOP lost the Senate… the loss of just the House was enough to declare Donald Rumsfeld an ex-person, and finally jettison his ass from the Defense Secretary position, making way for that Spook of Spooks, Bob Gates, to replace him. It looks like Poppy and the Gang want to keep Junior a little closer to their vest… It’s one thing to forgive Junior’s eccentricities when they are winning elections… it’s quite another when they are not. Remember: Poppy never really liked Karl Rove. And it’s not like Poppy was a clean campaigner himself (remember Willy Horton?) Anyway, look for Jim Baker to be assigned a cubicle near the Oval Office in the near future. And Poppy himself may suddenly be more visible.
Junior has betrayed the movement. There will be consequences. Indeed, like Bill Clinton before him, George W. Bush becomes one of very few Presidents ever to successfully manage to cost his own party control of the all important lower House (and I do mean that; the body that constitutionally has the initiative on taxing and spending is the all important one, even if the Senate is cooler and more glamorous because of treaties and judges). But Junior did it. For which he has our gratitude.
And in other developments on this most slow of news days, the Supreme Court considers some minor issue that no one cares about, the same day Iran-Contra villain Robert Gates is promoted defense secretary, the United States tries to make nice nice to newly elected Nicaraguan leader Daniel Ortega, and for good measure, Israel decided to shell houses in the Gaza strip, killing at least 18 (14 of them women and children).
Repercussions from all the above to follow in due course. Thing is, the day ain’t over yet!