Report from the front-line

Just got back from a poll observation mission as a volunteer lawyer with the Pennsylvania combined Democratic campaign, assigned to walk around and observe polling stations (with fellow lawyer-monitor Philadelphia lawyer Phil) in an urban suburb in Delaware County, PA, where it looks like Joe Sestak is on his way to becoming a member of Congress… and Curt Weldon to… retirement.
(BTW… we should also wish a hearty “sayonorum” to Rick Santorum…)
If conditions nationwide parallel the sliver of the Keystone State I saw today, then the nice weather and a general feeling of the importance of this election will bring out a heavy turn-out… and a probable big Democratic win.
I got back here to Brooklyn… and voted.
So… if I can get up at 4 in the morning (2 days after the marathon) and drive over 100 miles each way to help keep this election clean… and still make it back to vote, the least you’all can do is vote too… for the candidates of your choice (though… I might have some suggestions!)
So get out and vote! All we’re playing for is the future of the planet and our eternal souls.
No pressure.