There is no joy in Dub-ville

The Grey Lady reports that the President somehow lacked the exuberance he displayed when Saddam Hussein was first captured at the time of the execution. The President issued a statement that the execution would not end the violence in Iraq (and indeed, bombings just today have already killed at least 68). Then, after being told that the execution of Saddam Hussein was imminent… the President quite literally slept through it.
After all the years of telling us about what a bogeyman and monster Saddam was (Hitler meets Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Darth Vader and the Grinch)… to then just sleep through his execution? This is a man that the President kept telling us tried to kill his Dad! The evil tyrant responsible for most if not all of the evil in the universe! The tyrant, now finally facing justice.
And at the very moment of “justice” being meted out… the President is asleep, with orders not to wake him. What an amazing personality and conscience the President has. Or at least, what an amazing pharmacologist.