New and Improved Stay the Course

There’s not much to add to the post title when talking about the President’s speech this evening. Good blood and treasure after bad, and trusting that nice PM Maliki after his professional handling of the Saddam execution (and cover-up).
This is simply a game to run out the clock. Any possible legitimacy in his pitch (and indeed, any reason not to introduce articles of impeachment) was undermined by his insistence on mentioning September 11th, and fairly early.
The “mission” is about Bush himself, whether that means trying to diss Daddy and Daddy’s emissary Jim Baker for trying adult supervision, or whether this is some mad “last throw of the dice”… or, of course, what we all know it is… running out the clock by keeping Iraq a chaotic, insanely violent shithole that won’t pump oil competitive with Saudi for years, if not decades (and in any event, to the rest of his term), Bush looked and sounded awful… for those who said he had to pitch a perfect game… let’s just say he didn’t even pitch anything remotely resembling a good game.
But “pitching” and “a game” are what this all is to this man, despite the unbelievable high stakes and hundreds of thousands of lives lost, with no end in site. And we all know it.