Charles D. “Cully” Stimson of the Pentagon’s Detainee Affairs office (he’s actually DOD Assistant Deputy Secretary for that function) has called for a boycott of lawyers who have the audacity to represent Guantanamo detainees by corporate America. (Hat tip to Julia.)
Even A.G. Alberto Gonzales and the White House and the Pentagon itself had to rhetorically distance themselves from these remarks, pointing out that yada yada yada we believe in fair trials. Of course, they don’t mean it: this statement was the newest trial balloon in their effort to see how the latest form of neo-crypto-racism (going back to generalized A-rab and Muz-lim bashing… they’re all terrrrrorrrists…) will play out, as they begin to plan show trials against detainees who have been tortured in CIA ghost prisons.
The attorneys who have represented some of the most unpopular men in the world are fulfilling the highest ethics of the legal profession. You can go over to the sidebar (or to the end of this post) and read the comments of many of them yourself, as our interviews give you a pretty good picture of what they are about. They are defending our Constitution in one of its darkest hours. They are nothing short of heroes. HEROES.
And the mediocre (or worse) ass-kissers, cronies and whores of the Bush Administration hate them for it, as indeed, they hate just about anything honorable and decent in this world. So what else is new?