Slow news Wednesday

First, the President decamps around 100 yards or so from where I work, to tell a bunch of Wall Street millionaires about how well the economy is doing… further telling Wall Streeters and CEOs to… wait for it… watch those executive compensation packages!
Meanwhile, one of the most vocal and eloquent of the President’s critics, best-selling writer Molly Ivins, lost her battle with cancer, and passed away at 62. She famously called the younger President Bush “Shrub”, and quipped that he “was born on third base, and thought he hit a triple.”
It appears that the Justice Department will turn over documents pertaining to the President’s illegal eavesdropping program (no other description would be accurate) to Congressional intelligence committees. Is there a new sheriff in town, or is this just window dressing? Well, we all KNOW it’s window dressing… the question is whether it will lead to a daisy-chain of further document demands, subpoenas, and hopefully, indictments, if not impeachments. Stick around, Scooter… maybe you’ll have company (and we don’t mean Judith Miller!)
And Germany joins Italy in pressing criminal charges (at least in issuing arrest warrants) against CIA agents engaged in illegal “extraoardinary rendition” kidnapping in its jurisdiction (again, there’s no other way to describe it accurately).
And Al Franken unsurprisinigly confirmed that he’ll be running for Norm Coleman’s Senate seat in Minnesota, a seat once held by the late Paul Wellstone. As Franken himself has quipped, he’ll be the only New York Jew in the race who actually grew up in Minnesota. In other Senate news… Joe Biden pretty much self-destructed (and the very same day he announces his Presidential run!) with his… ill-advised remarks in supposed praise of Barack Obama… best say “he’s great; I hope he’ll consider being my running mate.” But nooooooo……. You couldn’t plagiarize something INTELLIGENT to say, Joe? As I said above… oy.
This has been… slow news Wednesday.
[And don’t forget to stay tuned for more developments on how we will parlay that incredibly successful Iraq thing into… the Persian Incursion… Be there… Aloha.]