Eveready Cheney

Our veep is just an amazing fellow… while just in the last couple of weeks it was an [insane and dangerous] adventure to a war zone where the Taliban try to blow him up, and where just the trip led to potentially dangerous thrombosis in his leg…
NOW, in between blasting Democrats as “not supporting the troops if they dare cut off or reduce funding for the Iraq war that has largely gone to contractors (and hence, his friends, if not himself), and his other mirth and merriment, it seems Cheney still found time to move the company to Dubai to save some taxes.
I know what you’re thinking: moving Halliburton to Dubai will be good for America, and especially good for global warming. Not only is Dubai a strong ally, but think about all the greenhouse gases generated to transport people with those heavy bags of cash from Iraq all the way back to Houston– it’s a much shorter ride to Dubai! And you’d be exactly right!
Just as Dick had a thing with February (last year blasting Harry and this year the Taliban almost blasting him), it seems Dubai has a thing with March (last year the ports thing, and this year, our crown jewel, Halliburton). Well, let’s just say when the next round of sweetheart no-bid contracts go out to a company based in the United Arab Emirates, we can all proudly say that we just made a decision to “Dubai American.” It’s only patriotic.
Given his unbridled energy, let’s just say we are all… sorely disappointed… that our frenetic veep hasn’t decide to seek the presidency himself.