And away we go…

The House of Representatives has (almost unbelievably) acceded to the will of the people with respect to the Iraq War, and has imposed conditions that the Iraq war be ended attached to war spending, discussed in my American Street post “The Power of the [Fashionable] Purse“.
It now appears that Attorney General Alberto “Spanky” Gonzales’s nose has grown a few inches: contrary to his public protestations that he was not involved in the decision to politicize the nation’s administration of justice by being part of the plan to sack loyal Republican United States Attorneys for not being partisan enough and bringing politicized witch hunts against Democrats and not bringing cases against Republicans… Abu Gonzales was, in fact, front and center at a key meeting discussing the plan, and there are incontrovertible e-mails to this effect. Well, well. Alberto made it past my “over-under” of Thursday… but I do wonder how much (dwindling) political capital the Lame Duck in Chief can continue squandering on the A.G…. Well, time will tell.
And I have refrained from commenting on John Edwards’s decision to continue campaigning for his presidential run in light of his wife Elizabeth’s diagnosis of metastisized cancer, but it seems, the Grey Lady has found some strains of public discussion on the subject. I’ll just say that there is no right answer on this: evidently, it was Elizabeth Edwards who insisted that John continue to run. Well, so be it.
God, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or Random Chance has put us here apparently once: we get to live our lives as best we can, hoping to advance whatever dreams we have. If, for the Edwards family, that is a shot (no matter how long the odds) at being elected President of the United States, so be it. If, for the rest of us, it is standing up to a government hellbent on squandering what made this country unique in the history of the world– it being a genuine prosperous meritocracy governed by the rule of law, instead of a more typical crony-ocracy where everyone must suck up to the rich and powerful for the few crumbs that “trickle down”– then that, too, is our perogative. As that great beer ad tells us, you only go around once… GO FOR THE GUSTO!