Goodling Riddance

I said most of what I wanted to say about our Miss Goodling in this post; nonetheless, it is gratifying to see that she will no longer collect a government salary, effective immediately, insofar as she has resigned the high level Justice Department post she should never have had in the first place (her presence, along with her boss Abu Gonzales, further besmirching the once proud department where I happened to have begun my own career.)
There is no room in my heart for vicious and incompetent Macchiavellians who devote their lives to saying Jesus’s name a lot while living lives squarely at odds with Jesus’s teachings. We who are privileged enough to be trained in the law learn that our primary duty is to the integrity of the law and the legal system, not blind obedience to authority, even if that authority pays our salaries.
Ms. Goodling is now famous for imposing such discipline as firing an intern for complaining about doing shit-work, and for being a good little Christianist Macchiavellian soldier… it is ironic that the woman who went to a “law school” that apparently teaches that the only value is advancing one’s own career through talking religion while living a life of vicious corporatist backstabbing… ends up having to go precisely because she took legal advice from Karl Rove, who is not a lawyer, i.e. she pleaded the Fifth Amendment in such a way as to either establish that she is a criminal, an idiot, or both.
Well, good bye, Ms. Goodling. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. And please God, see if you can take some of your fellow alumni with you.