Majoring in Recess

Recess appointments continue to be the President’s favored way of “getting his team” on board (when other shady evasions of Senate confirmation aren’t made available by sneaking them into the USA PATRIOT Act, such as with the recent U.S. Attorney scandal); in this case, the President makes three more recess appointments, led by Swiftboat Veterans for Truth contributor Sam Fox being appointed envoy to Belgium.
We shouldn’t be all that appalled: sometimes, the Senate may miss out on the opportunity for great public servants, such as our recently “recess appointed” United Nations Ambassador John Bolton. Snarkiness aside, it reflects a fair degree of immaturity to get all that upset about these things: the issue isn’t really which particular presidential cronies get to carry out the short-sighted, irresponsible and mean-spirited policies of the President, the issue really is those policies, and the short-sighted, irresponsible and mean-spirited President himself, rather than his supporting cast.
Honestly, getting upset about this nonsense is exactly El Presidente’s game: that’s how schoolyard bullies play. Sure, somewhere in or near the Oval Office Karl and Dubya are snickering over one-upping John Kerry by putting a Swift Boat funder into an Ambassador’s position… but so what? What real difference does it make who the Ambassador to Belgium is? Rewarding big donors like Sam Fox is, and has always been, a Presidential perogative. So what of it?
Frankly, IMHO this is a pretty good move by the Bush team: this is the sort of nonsense that Democrats in “the base” get outraged about, and even left blogtopia (yiksctt) mistakenly jumps on (I realize that’s what I’m doing… albeit for a different reason)… I’m saying: stop it. Let Bush have “his team”… God knows, the creeps and bastards like Monica Goodling and the rest of the Hitler/Robertson Youth who don’t even need Senate confirmation are far more troubling, when you think about it. Honestly, regardless of their ideology, kids out of the Ivy League (or the Big Ten, or the A.C.C., etc.) at least have to show basic competence in something to get their degrees; kids out of Regent and Liberty and Messiah and Bob Jones and Patrick Henry and whatever other feeder schools feed Karl’s “pander to the base” fast-track program… need only show loyalty to the Bush family, Macchiavellianism, and outward piety/inward corruption… a fairly lethal combination for “public servants”.
So… ignore the recess appointments. We have no choice, anyway. What matters is blocking the more outrageous policies– such as failing to take strong, positive action on global warming now that the Supreme Court has ordered the EPA in effect to take, to continue our outrageous detention policies, to start wars against new countries that pose no threat to us other than threats we manufacture, such as Iran or Syria, or further fiscal irresponsibility, or countless other bad policies.
Your parents’ advice is still good: ignore the schoolyard bully, and pay attention to what’s important.