Amazing grace

In a bizarre career saving move, the Rev. Al Sharpton helped manage to stave off the imminent (and well-deserved) end of the career of right-wing-radio shill Don Imus, by calling for his firing on Sharpton’s radio program, which Imus appeared on. As a result of Sharpton’s intervention, Imus was only given a two-week suspension, instead of what would have been a (more than well deserved) pink slip.
You will recall that the context of this is Imus’s unprovoked remarks calling members of the national runner-up Rutgers’ women basketball team “Nappy headed hos”. Honestly… what in God’s name brought that up? These young ladies played way, way over their heads just to reach the championship game… and as Imus is based in the New York area, nearby Rutgers was a local favorite. So… just… WTF?
I’m reminded of the fact that Sharpton refused to endorse Presidential candidate Barack Obama… and I guess the same question gets to be asked… how much did Obama’s people pay Sharpton not to endorse him, and was it more or less than Imus’s people paid Sharpton to call for Imus to be fired?
Imus pointed out that he has done a fair amount of charity work over the years, and indeed, is doing a telethon this very week that his corporate overlords didn’t want to step on, so the two-week suspension will be served next week and the week after… still, Sharpton has promised to lead a boycott of sponsors, but frankly, if Imus manages to keep his job (and thanks to Sharpton, that’s looking more likely than if Imus simply had to twist in the wind just on the outrageous remarks themselves) his career will go on more or less intact. [The fact is, Imus’s paleo-racist remarks were arguably so far over the top that they might well have cost his employers money… well, no matter… two weeks it is.]
All in all, a remarkable showing that in right wing radio, anything really does go. And if, once in a while, just when there finally might be consequences for something truly outrageous… one of the great right-wing-helpers steps up… And let’s face it: Al Sharpton has a political career that might make even Ralph Nader jealous. In his day, Sharpton has managed to help elect such luminaries as Alfonse D’Amato, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Bloomberg, and George W. Bush… just to name a few.
And now, the Rev. Al appears to have helped Don Imus stay on the air. I suppose, all in all, it’s a living.
UPDATE: Let the corporate forgiveness continue! We can all be absolutely certain that the facts that Imus’s flagship station is owned by CBS and that CBS is the television broadcaster for the college basketball championships have absolutely nothing to do with the announcement that members of the Rutgers women’s basketball team will personally meet Imus to receive autographed books and basketballs, hear his plea for forgiveness, and permit him to continue making money that will flow to Blackrock.
While I have no idea what Imus will say exactly, the sentiment will be something like “Nothing personal, ladies. Just business.” America– where the only unforgivable sin is not making enough money. Hallelujah. Amen.