Surge Depressor

Another day, another set of bloody bomb attacks in Baghdad. No surprise there, sadly. But this day, a suicide bomber made it well inside the Green Zone to blow up inside of the Iraqi parliament building, kiiling two Sunni members of parliament, wounding others and killing at least six more. Also in Baghdad, another bomber managed to blow up the Tigris River crossing known as the Sarafiya Bridge, killing at least six more.
It’s really hard to know what exactly is happening over there; River hasn’t posted in nearly two months. Senator McCain and Congressman Dunce Pence tell us things are going swimmingly… just like outdoor markets in dear old Muncie, Indiana… except where the shopkeepers get tied up and murdered execution style the next day… It all just seems like grimness without end.
The SurgeTM obviously needs some time… of course, it seems that all that’s about is extending already overtaxed soldiers’ tours of duty… Don’t know. Could this vulnerability even in the mighty fortress Green Zone be a “turning point”? From what? To what? Hard to say, really. None of us are really in a position to comment, and it seems, even generals want no part of this.
No matter. I daresay whatever the situation ends up will be of far less concern to most Americans than Don Imus being sacked from his radio station or whatever it was Simon Cowell did recently… but if we thought about things too much, we probably wouldn’t still be in Iraq… or even have invaded in the first place.
Update (4-13-07): John Donald “Don” Imus just seems to be the gift that keeps on giving; while racing Northbound to be part of Imus’s meeting with the Rutgers basketball team, New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine was critically injured in an automobile accident. The governor broke a leg, a dozen ribs and other bones, as the SUV he was in crashed on the Garden State Parkway. Proof of the existence of order in the universe… or the lack of it? The only thing for sure is that there seem to be an unlimited number of jokers in the deck. Get well soon, Governor. Get well soon.