King weasel departs sinking ship

One begins to feel bad for George W. Bush, what with many of his childhood friends abandoning him left and right, particularly two important ones by the end of August– first Karl, and now, Alberto “Fuck You, Congress” Gonzales has announced his resignation as Attorney General. He’ll likely be replaced by Michael “Heckuva Job with Hurricane Katrina” Chertoff, our current Homeland Security Secretary, a tried and true proven Bush loyalist (the only criteria for service in the Administration).
It was almost amusing, if not pathetic, watching Gonzales’s (few) defenders insist he was being treated “unfairly” by being asked questions by Congress. The nerve of those senators! Not to worry: the resignation, like Karl’s, will be spun as under his own power. Not necessarily to “spend more time with his family”, but clearly not the result of political or partisan pressure from those mean Democrats. And after the FISA sell-out, I must say… I believe that. In terms of day to day change… don’t look for any. The name and face will change; the official obfuscation and political fixing to prop up the permanent minority party of big-money and big-ots… will not.
Nowithstanding the happy retirement of the Attorney General, this is on the whole not all that good a day for liberal blogging, as we learn that we will be losing the blogging of Max Sawicki , and the blogging of Bob Geiger, the former because of professional obligation, the latter on hiatus; at some point, both may be back, though probably not for a little while. We do look forward to seeing Max and Bob at some point in the future, and not seeing or hearing from Alberto Gonzales again (though as with Karl, I don’t wish Mr. Gonzales ill… I just don’t wish him well.)
Update: It looks like Julian Sanchezwill also be taking a blog-hiatus. The hits just keep coming.