Possible disaster averted

In “Operation Deja Vu All Over Again”, misguided American forces mistakenly believed that the no longer relevant (if they ever were) Osama bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri (didn’t we get him back in Iraq?) were having a big pre-Ramadan Qaeda-con-fab at… wait for it… the Tora Bora caves in Afghanistan.
Unbelievably, our military ordered an attack! Fortunately, the misguided plan to remove the number one excuse for why we are in Iraq (and let’s face it, as Rush would say, any service member who questions our mission or particularly wishes it to ever end is a “phony soldier”– and probably gay)… fell apart, and OBL was permitted to escape again, this around a month ago, fortunately, still in time for Congressional Democrats to sh*t in their pants in time for their Labor Day recess.
Just think how close we were to the unthinkable: the Republicans would lose the one issue really holding them together as they head headlong off the same cliff that proved so successful in the ’06 mid-terms (that Iraq thing, and of course, individual implosions of a scale not seen since the Democrats pulled off the same trick in ’94 with a tremendous assist from Our SaviorTM Hillary Clinton)… Worse still, the Democrats (and St. Hillary of Bentonville) would take Iraq off the table, and actually have to campaign on something (such as their non-existent record of accomplishment while “in Congressional majority”).
No, no. Unthinkable. Bipartisan comity has to be preserved. Thankfully, luck was on the side of our fighting men at Tora Bora… again… and OBL managed to not get killed, and the War on TerrorTM will live another day… if not another Congress or two… or three…