Beloved alma mater

I was actually kind of proud of dear old alma mater for having more cojones than Mike Bloomberg (himself a Hopkins grad and Hahvahd MBA); the Lord Mayor decided to invoke bullsh*t “security concerns” to deny Iranian wildman president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad an opportunity to lay a wreath at Ground Zero… I mean, let’s face it… the last thing this country, or this city needs, is even the remote possibility of coming to understanding and reconciliation with people we disagree with, especially when our political overlords and the punditocracy need bogeymen. I guess we saw how well that sort of thing worked with Iraq, and want to keep doing it. (I was kind of hoping Ahmadinejad would order his motorcade past ground zero and flip a wreath out the window in a drive-by wreathing… but it didn’t happen either…) To his credit, at least, the Lord Mayor was a lot cooler about the Iranian wildman speaking at Columbia than was our intolerant lesbian City Council Speaker. (BTW, even the President… the one from the US of A… said he had no problem with Columbia inviting the Iranian president to speak… of course, he’s no longer running for anything…)
Still, in a move that will surprise no one, that dip-sh*t twit Neanderthal moron from California, Congressman Duncan “Rice Pilaf and Lemon Chicken” Hunter, proudly announces his intent to punish Columbia University by introducing legislation to cut off its federal funding in retaliation for its promotion of free speech and permitting the Iranian president to speak there. (h/t Bruce the Veep). Coming the same week that another dip-sh*t Neanderthal moron, Tom “DipSh*t” Davis, him from Virginia, demands a Congressional hearing on Move-On.Org’s purchase of advertising from the Grey Lady. [No word on where my alleged classmate at Columbia, Sen. Obama stands on either issue…]
Last I looked, this was, you know, a free country. It seemed that our nation’s long post-9-11 stupor had evaporated, and the invocation of swarthy furrin’ lookin’ bogeymen hellbent on doing bad things to us was no longer sufficient to drive most people off of all semblance of reason. Then again, Hunter proudly raised his hand to tell us he doesn’t believe in evolution, or that the Earth is round, or that our Constitution precludes assholes like himself from punishing others for exercise of free speech. Ditto Davis, who is vying with ex-VA governor Gilmore to get throttled by Mark Warner in next year’s VA senate race, and thinks pandering to closed-minded bigoted people will help him. I admit, it’s usually a winning strategy in American politics to be sure, but still…
Things wasn’t always as cushy as they are now: real people did real jail time as recently as during World War I (still in the living memories of a few people left, I suppose) just for saying “I don’t think it’s a good idea that the President is getting us into that war thing.” And we don’t exactly look back at that era as happy times, now do we? The closest recent analog, the McCarthy era, isn’t exactly thought of as happy times either. And yet, why is it that the entire Republican establishment seems to think that treating our Constitution as toilet paper is sound policy?
Yes, that was a rhetorical question; no need to answer. Free speech, boys and girls, is ultimately a use it or lose it proposition. That Move-On may be offensive to some of us, or the Iranian President to most, if not nearly all of us, is not relevant: we either believe in free speech, or we do not. I personally do.
I seem to be ever more lonely in that belief.