Sometimes, life just sucks…

This is more or less the conclusion reached by the Supreme Court of the United States in denying review of lower courts’ refusals to hear a case against the CIA brought by the ACLU on behalf of Khalid al-Masri, a German national mistakenly abducted and tortured for months by the CIA as part of its charming “extraordinary rendition” program, on the basis of the United States’ assertion of “state secrets”.
Ben Wizner, the ACLU attorney speaking to the press, notes that the “state secret” involved is, of course, hardly “a secret” at all, to wit, that the United States kidnaps and tortures people for no reason. (Well, there IS a reason: Dick Cheney and David Addington believe that it is absolutely necessary to show all them swarthy furriners– especially them A-rabs– that the US of A means bid’ness, and that the occasional furriner like al-Masri has to be tortured and then released to tell the tale).
Al-Masri has had to check into a German mental health facility, because apparently, being kidnapped and tortured by the CIA and friends for nearly a year for no reason other than being a Muslim male with the wrong name seems to bother him. What a wimp! Then again, he lives in an entire country of wimps– a country with a decent public health system and national single-payer medical coverage, something us self-reliant and studly Americans wouldn’t dream of (and ain’t no rotten 12-year old kid’s gonna tells us otherwise).