He’s still stiff and boring

Notwithstanding that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences liked him enough to award him an Oscar, and now, the Norwegian committee charged with the prize has awarded former Vice-President Al Gore the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in publicizing the dangers of climate change, the American press corps will still tell us that Gore is stiff, wooden and boring, sighs too much, and of course (wait for it…) he’s fat. Let’s face it… notwithstanding that he is a happily married man (and a decent man) who would never dream of such a thing, with an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize in his pocket… is there any doubt that this man could get laid anywhere he wants, anywhere in the world? Well, almost anywhere, I suppose, as the Washington press corps would still tell us of his made-up inadequacies (inadequacies they made up, of course, because (1) they don’t like him, (2) their corporate masters don’t like him and (3) Mr. Scaife doesn’t like him.)
And while he could be getting laid anywhere, is there anyone (who isn’t mentally defective, such as a huge portion of the American electorate) who wouldn’t rather have a beer with this guy than, say, the current idiot who infests our White House (who purportedly doesn’t even drink!!! Hah, press corps? You’d “rather have a beer with” a MAN WHO DOESN’T DRINK? WTF kind of fun is THAT??? Hah, press corps?)
In just two weeks time, our next President turns 59 (and I turn 45); in just 466 days, she will be sworn in as our 44th President. While she is less liberal than her husband, I can live with that, as unlike him, she is not a pathological liar; I have come to the conclusion that she is perfectly “likeable”… she is just presented to us through a prism of a press corps that doesn’t like her for the same reasons it doesn’t like Al Gore… i.e., she is a Democrat who is not a pathological liar. Eric Boehlert gives us great examples of what we are all up against in this department.
While I understand that Mrs. C. and the former Vice President aren’t on the best of terms, as Al Gore rightly resents Bill and Hill’s affirmative interference with his Presidential run in 2000 in order to smooth Hill’s way in now… and Al might have liked to run now (and may endorse Edwards or Obama… Al… wait!) let me just say, in the best Ally McBeal sense, “bygones”. As Gore moves into ever greater realms of greatness, let me just say that President Hillary Clinton could do worse, and certainly no better, than nominating Al Gore to be her Secretary of State, with a special mandate to reconciile the harm done to our international standing that has been these last seven or eight years, and to forge world wide consensus to solve the climate change crisis, and then, down the road, in 2016 perhaps, maybe then Al Gore can take us toward consolidating the “Clinton legacy” for real (or more likely, forging “the Gore legacy”) as President himself.
Just saying.