Don’t make me go all Henry V on your ass…

As the “emergency” rolls on, former PM Benazir “Pinky” Bhutto has planned a massive (though banned) political rally for Rawalpindi, near the Pakistani capital of Islamabad. Pres./Gen. Musharraf has already said he would have “an election” by mid-February, though he will doubtless win that “election”, as everyone has figured out by this point.
Revelations have come out recently that billions went to Pakistan in the form of a blank U.S. check to “fight terrorism”… “terrorism”, evidently defined as “India”. And of course, there is Pakistani nuclear proliferation… like nuclear powers America and Russia, Musharraf has a fellow follow him around with ‘the briefcase”… only, while Bush’s and Putin’s nuclear briefcases contain “the button”… Musharraf’s contains… product samples.
With luck, the present “emergency” will be short-lived, and everyone in Pakistan will realize that they should love Musharraf as much as George W. Bush does. While Pakistan’s own lawyers, teachers and students may put some pressure on him… Pervez can rest assured that the United States of America will not… no matter what he does. While, as a major financier of the Pakistani regime, we should be taking a much more active role in all this… the United States will just stay out of it.
Let’s just hope that Pres./Gen. Musharraf really doesn’t see the need to go all Shakespearean or anything.