Vox Parvi Populi

I, Raven Symone, have a vision that I will uncurl my hair.
Some of you psychically predicted that I’d get round to putting up a picture of Raven, especially now that she has some movie coming out. Well, good guess everybody! And I didn’t even have to have Sean Hannity suggest it to me (whoever that is… Daddy!) Anyway, Daddy is still amused that his hard-hitting commentary and original interviews on the war on terror get like 1/10 as much traffic as my putting up pictures of teeny-bopper celebrities. That’s the internet for you.
Daddy keeps trying to relive those college glory days through that lame debate he didn’t watch this week; it turns out that both Barack and George Stephanopolis both went to the same college at the same time Daddy did, but neither claims to know Daddy… even as Daddy is fond of walking around the Columbia campus pointing out places that he and Barack didn’t hang out. I guess he can now point out places that he, Barack and George Stephanopolis (whoever that is) didn’t hang out, too. But then, since you’re all psychic this week, I guess you all knew that too, along with who is going to win the Pennsylvania primary (whatever that is).
This has been… Vox Parvi Populi. [This week’s count: whoevers, 2; whatevers, 1]