More Wright Stuff

Well, well… consistent with my post below, former GOP candidate Mike Huckabee makes a similar point to mine: the Rev. Jeremiah Wright needs Obama to lose, to justify his own anger (and though Huck didn’t say it, I will… to justify his own existence as a street corner demagogue).
Of course, Obama’s bleeding in the polls continues, as, naturally, working class White people may now have that all-important excuse not to pull the lever for a Black man (even if, as is likely, Obama loses Indiana but still wins much larger North Carolina). Well played, Senator Clinton. And Rev. Wright. Still, Obama will still pull into the convention with a significant pledged delegate lead, barring catastrophe. Obviously, it matters a great deal how significant that lead is.
We will see how this plays out; obviously, Rev. Wright has been a problem for a while, as noted in my post of January 17th, a TD friend (she knows who she is) suggested that Wright was going to become a big liability for Obama… and indeed, he certainly has. OTOH, there’s still plenty of primary season to go (over a month), and Sen. Clinton may well close the pledged delegate (and raw vote) gaps, and may even “make the case” to enough super-delegates to pull this one out. Though that would be taking it away from the voters, for a change, at least, she would be playing by the same rules as everyone else.
Stay tuned.