Saving Private Ryan Lynch Senator McCain?

So, is there anyone out there who still thinks that it was a complete coincidence that during the daring hostage rescue down Colombia way in which three Americans and former Colombian Presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt were rescued, that John McCain just happened to be in that country? If so, Al Giordano strongly suggests that you think again, and also suggests that Uncle Sam’s sticky fingers are all over this one and that the timing of Sen. McCain’s visit to Colombia is all part of the staging.
While this sort of thing does bespeak some level of competence on the part of the Bush Administration, the fact is, had it gone down as a complete flop, we simply wouldn’t have heard about it. The only thing that the Bushmen have shown competence at is image and public spectacle, and once they pull something off (such as, famously, the Private Lynch rescue kabuki or the fall of the Saddam statue, or the bullhorn… ooops… the bullhorn shot), they never let us forget about it.
Even as they manage not to show us… other images.
Sen. McCain holding a birthday cake for Pres.  Bush, circa Hurricane Katrina.