The Only Living Boy in New York

Good old Rudy 91u1iani addresses the Fascist Party Republican Party convention tonight, on the attack, as I listen to him as I sort of live-blog it. The mantra, of course, is “Obama has never run anything.” Obama is, sayeth Rudy, “the least experienced candidate”… “never led anything, nada”.
Naturally, the only way to overlook the fact that Sarah Palin has even less experience is to praise her experience as mayor of a town around 1/1000 the size of NYC (Rudy’s bailiwick). Anyway, poor Barack, it seems, never had the opportunity to order the police to brutalize citizens, or to try to suppress protest, or to have the police chauffeur around his girlfriend or announce his divorce in a press conference before telling his jilted wife or ultimately, to cause the needless deaths of hundreds of firefighters and countless others thanks to graft-driven equipment contracting and disorganization, and then pretend to be a national hero as a result of his own homicidal incompetence (and still have Bernie Kerik as your BFF). Poor Barack.
And Rudy raises the strawman that Palin is being attacked for “not having time to spend with her children– a charge that wouldn’t be leveled against a man.” Well, Rudy, when you’re own children don’t talk to you, and at least one of whom supports Obama… what can you say?
Frankly, the one indispensible result in this cycle was to be sure that Rudy was eliminated from contention (a result thankfully achieved, with a great deal of strategic help from… Rudy Giuliani.) Why don’t you do us all a favor, Rudy, and die very soon. Thank you, and God bless America.