Save the life of my child

Again with the Simon & Garfunkel titles, TD, even if they are downright mean? This is especially so in the context of 17-year old Bristol Palin’s “decision” to bear the child (for which she is now 5-months pregnant)… a decision noted by Rob Farley of Lawyers, Guns & Money that her mother Sarah Palin and her running mate John McCain would prefer be made by the state, rather than by the Bristol Palins of our country.
Coupled with the politically conveeeenient choice of Bush and Cheney (who McCain would already like to disown as it is) to skip out on the RNC Convention in purported deference to victims of Hurricane Gustav, and the total coolness out of Camp Obama-Biden, it looks like McCain’s crazy ass gamble to appease his most atavistic and troglodyte “base” rather than call it as he saw it with Joe Lieberman, is backfiring on him. Lieberman, while an apostate to activist liberals, is just regarded as”Al Gore’s running mate” by most people, and would have actually made the McCain team quite formidable, with two arguably “immediately ready to lead” senators against only one on our side!!!
Instead, Karl vetoed the Jew abortion-supporting Lieberman, and McCain (foolishly, it looks right now) went forRush Limbaugh’s favorite candidate, Sarah Palin, the not quite midway into her first term Governor of Alaska.
I admit it: I was sold by the freshness and outright cojones of choosing the young, fresh-faced Palin, against the boring, albeit staid and competent Biden. I’ll now admit I was wrong: Obama picked out of strength– simply to reassure some that he was a conventional politician, recognizing the need for appearances of a strongly experienced man on the team, even though he didn’t need to do that. Meanwhile, McCain desperately needed to hold together his own base, and felt the need to have a woman to try to play for Hillary supporters (I guess). Oh, and just as Obama is still Black, Lieberman is still a Jew. So, the Dems chose out of strength and conventionality, the Republicans out of desperation and gimmickry…
And don’t you know it– Gov. Palin has had two major scandals disclosed (her sister’s ex-, and now her daughter) in three days… with God knows what coming?
Huh. All I can say is… huh.