More change… this not so good…

Exxon Mobil will have to pay its professional U.F.O. observersHolocaust deniers global warming skeptics a wee-bit more cold hard cash to get them to insist that the world isn’t getting un-colder… particuarly as new evidence of temperature/climate observations in Antarctica, held out by said professional skeptics as “evidence” that their paid positions were somehow justified by actual data… shows, in fact, that Antarctica is warming (because of human activity) just like the rest of the planet.
Again, human activity has certainly been exacerbating this problem for a long, long time, and certainly, it is unreasonable to suggest that the entire problem was caused during eight years of the Bush Administration. But we have really only had the technology to observe these trends for a relatively short time, and in the last eight years, the Bush Administration, regardless of what one thinks of the merits of the Kyoto Protocols, has gone out of its way in every conceivable area to exacerbate this problem as fast as possible, just as it went out of its way to exacerbate every problem, or to destroy whatever it could that heretofore hadn’t been a problem.
Anyway, President Obama has pledged to lead the way to combat global warming. For those who believe, btw, that those who are not paid to deny global warming but are still skeptical may come round to reality by virtue of “the actual evidence”, I strongly suggest consulting the work of George Lakoff (interviewed by me here)… some people prefer to believe the existing arc and story-line they had going in (“global warming is hoax touted by liberals to get me to give up my beloved SUV”)… reality just won’t faze them… only a lengthy, ongoing process of developing new frames can do that.
The good news is that I don’t think President Obama will be fazed either by morons and cretins (Sen. Inhofe, I most specifically mean you) who insist that our policy must be designed to make human life on this planet as unpleasant as possible as fast as possible, and thereby insist that nothing should be done about global warming. Pres. Obama, I believe, means what he says in this area, and will adjust policy accordingly.
One more thing for which, we can only hope, that President Obama has arrived just in time to deal with, and that there is enough that he as President can actually do; we can only hope he has not come too late.