E.J. Dionne of WaPo tells us in a column called “Rush and Newt are Winning” what regular readers here know to be true a moral certainty, though of course, it is squarely at odds with “conventional wisdom.” That is, of course, that the military-industrial-corporate-media-entertainment-complex does not suffer from left-wing bias at all. In point of fact, and as Mr. Dionne tells us in his column, the media is skewed right.
This explains why psychotically reactionary maniac outliers like Gingrich and Limbaugh are depicted as legitimate harbingers of mainstream opinion, and why President Obama, who Dionne rightly notes is actually pretty damned “centrist” and in any event is no one’s lefty, is routinely depicted as the ultimate far left pinko when he is nothing of the kind (as we far left pinkos are constantly telling you!) Indeed, the whole concept of “he-said, she-said journalism,” where “presenting both sides” (meaning dueling partisan press releases), rather than “the news” or, oh “the truth,” now passes for “reporting,” is itself a product of this right-wing media bias.
Obviously, you savvy consumers of the internets, and particularly this blog, know this already. But it’s nice to see reality recognized once in a while, even if the point will either be ignored or “harumphed” away.