Although most political journalism in my adult life has been, to put it politely, execrable, one thing I do like is the use of the term “Gang of __” to describe groups of legislators, usually a “bipartisan” agglomeration of senators, to stand in the way of some major piece of legislation or at least legislative action, such as “the gang of 14” who aligned to prevent filibusters of extremist judges… and now,
former Labor Secretary Robert Reich discusses “the gang of six” that will keep us from getting meaningful health care reform. Although these six senators represent six per cent of senators, they represent barely 2 1/2 % of the American population (and many from Montana question if G of 6 member Baucus really represents them)… the money line from Secretary Reich:

So, I repeat: Why has it come down to these six? Who anointed them? Apparently, the White House. At least that’s what I’m repeatedly being told by sources both on the Hill and in the Administration. “The Finance Committee is where the action is. They’ll tee-up the final bill,” says someone who should know.

Ladies and gentlemen, the only thing we have to change is change itself. America, adjust your expectations. Downward.