The Ballgame. Again.

No, I’m not talking about baseball. I’m talking about the Supreme Court of the United States taking its fourth major Guantanamo detainee related case, Kiyemba, a case that stands for nothing short of whether when the Supreme Court makes a ruling of Constitutional magnitude that a feckless Congress and a faithless President (two faithless Presidents in this case) simply don’t like… that ruluing can be made meaningful. Simply put, Ricardo Urbina, a federal district judge in Washington, following the Supreme Court’s ruling in Boumediene, held that a group of (then 17, now… less than that!) Uighur detainees from China, who cannot be returned to China lest they be tortured or killed, must be relocated within the United States, because there is nowhere else they can go (largely thanks to Chinese diplomatic and economic might scaring off most other countries).
Of course, pieces of sh*t members of Congress got the vapors (Harry Reid, I do mean you, and I do mean to contribute to your opponent, no matter whom, no matter what party) about admitting terrrrrrorists into the US of A, notwithstanding that a United States federal court has found these men not to be terrorists (after the Bush Administration conceded the point). And the Bush Administration promptly appealed to the Neo-Con All Star Team Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, which reversed the district court’s ruling allowing the detainees admission into the US of A, and from which the High Court has now taken an appeal, presumably so Justice Kennedy can once again express his outrage. Or so I hope.
And that would be the ultimate answer: if habeas corpus means anything at all, it is to give the court the power to remedy the excesses of the other branches of government whether they, or Fox News, like it or not.
Curioser and curioser. Just another day at the office. If the office is Guantanamo Bay.