Vox parvi populi

Not the most bestest singer in the universe Taylor Swift
So you didn’t think you’d see me back here, did you now? Well, here I am, in an obvious demonstration that with “health care” reform safely through the Senate, global warming safely on track to be flooding my home town of New York City well before the time I’m Daddy’s age, and other stuff, Daddy is simply out of ideas… it is clear that once again, only a cool picture of some teeny-bopper superstar remains the only hope for traffic on this blog. Hence, even though it’s a school night… it’s time for… Vox…Parvi… Populiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! Yes… we’re baaaaaacccckkkk!!!!
And up there is superstar singer Taylor Swift. Her best work is “Just a Zombie.”
Beyond that, come to think of it, I seem to be as out of ideas as Daddy is. Enjoy the video. Happy winter solstice. Have a nice day.
This has been… “Vox parvi populi!”