Broken records

Yes, I do sound like one myself, as I regale with you tales of completed marathons (this week, state no. 15 and marathon no. 27, “Freedom’s Run” starting and finishing in the great state of West Virginia, albeit mostly of its course being in Maryland, in a comparatively blazing fast time for yours truly… and coincidentally ran into a high school friend there, who is much farther along in her quest for 50 states glory than I am… she is also somewhat faster than I). And this, just a week after an early exit from what was supposed to be an “ultra-“… the Trail Mix-Up Six Hour. Well… going into the USATF 50-mile championship in two weeks… hopefully… I’ll be ready for it. (Thing is, it’s not just about the physical fitness… it’s about being out of contact with the vagaries of our civilization, and the misinformation provided by the corporate p.r. dept. media, and in contact with the universe itself, unfiltered and unvarnished.)
The other point being that the broken records I’m trying to talk about do not involve peak performances and fastest time ever kinds of things… just that I keep talking about the same things over and over… kind of like the United States Government, which, like the British government, has issued an alert advising of possible terrorist activity that Americans traveling to Europe are supposed to worry about.
Is it… red? Orange? Yellow? Until you tell me the color… I don’t know what to think about this… other than… somewhere, I’ve heard this sort of thing before. I guess passengers should be prepared to pounce on any other passenger doing anything suspicious.
Your government wants you to know this. Be afraid. It’s patriotic.