Republicans just no like Sheriff Bart

You could try to ascertain exactly why debt ceiling negotiations appear to be going nowhere, but the dueling Obama/Boehner speeches probably won’t help. And yes, fundamentally, this is all ultimately nothing more than a kabuki– a manufactured crisis that permits an alleged “liberal Democrat” to be be the one with the fingerprints on the weapon that killed Social Security, Medicare, et al… [Remember America’s First Black President, Bill “Sistuh Soljuh Moment” Clinton, whose crowning achievement was ending welfare as we know it?]
Alrightie then. Still and all…one has to admit that there seems an awful lot of really passionate overacting on the part of uncompromising House Speaker Nicole “Snooki” Pollizzi John Boehner and the rest of the Republicans… clearly not the herbal tea party. No, they are the party whose members take their cues and talking points from corporate America, and of course, psychopathic human cesspools. Alrightie then… just maybe… they’re overacting their part of “the unreasonable but passionate fiscal conservatives” for reasons beyond simply being captive tools of financial oligarchy.
That said… I think this analysis (“a financial lynching”) happens to be spot on.
Brother Mel, of course, showed us of the specifics of this dynamic nearly four decades ago: