Be there. Aloha.

That would be The World Can’t Wait’s dance event on Sunday, January 8th, right here in NYC. [Specific details for those not clicking}:
January 8, 2012
3-D Laboratories
29 West 26th Street
New York
Your talking dog is proud to be one of your hosts for this event, part of the acknowledgment of ten years of Guantanamo Bay (quite a legacy for our nation); Andy will also be there, discussing his tireless work on the subject, quite literally a resource for all humanity.
So Give Generously.
Alrightie then. Because, as I constantly try to remember, and to remind the rest of you, while my college classmate the President signs laws permitting him to lock me up for writing this and to lock you up for reading this… it’s time we acknowledge that this GTMO, Bagram, etc. thing… actually matters to the future of our nation (such as to the question of whether we actually have a nation, or something merely resembling one)… not like the idiocy of the Iowa Caucasus.