It’s news to me

World War III edition? Let’s see… plans for Israeli/USA false flag attacks on Iran? Check. Do we have our “war on” with Iran? Er, check. Is the Grey Lady out there with its Judy Miller-style propaganda, making sure the USA public will be well-behind the coming mega-war? Checkarino. And of course, is all this really about propping up Israeli-domestic-political and internal-American-political-diversion (not to mention generating uber-profits for the usual suspects), because what would actually work to bring down the Iranian regime would be dialing down the World War rhetoric thereby letting oil prices crash and hence bankrupting the Iranian regime? Checkity check check!!! [You know, we never thanked Israel enough for all its help in getting us into Iraq.]
Hey, good old fascist regimes everywhere love the old “war” or two (or, well, I’ve lost count of current USA wars right now, thanks). But a real big ‘un… preferably pitched as “existential”… something to really get the patriotic juices flowing… really takes much of the public’s mind off of the fact that their economy can’t generate jobs for young people, even as it continues to generate record corporate profits, or the fact that it seems, maybe just anecdotally if nothing else, that a huge portion of those profits come from a rapacious financial sector which has captured government to the point where bailout money goes directly to bonuses and even outright undeniable criminality will not be touched (as long as the perp is a made man).
Hey, what do I know? I’m still basking in my post-marathon endorphin rush… the pack and I went down to an entertaining long weekend in the sun and, on 8 January, I finished my 32nd marathon (in my 16th state), the Disney World Marathon… in the usual time range. Then, on Wednesday, I drove down to our nation’s capital to help celebrate GTMO’s 10th birthday.
And as we come to another Martin Luther King Day holiday weekend with America’s first (actually!) Black President, say… did you know that the late Dr. King’s family actually brought a law suit claiming that the United States government was responsible for King’s deathand they won? Ah, the things that just don’t get reported here in Corporate-stan! Like the Molotov-von Ribbentropp Pact between Monsanto and Whole Foods to gut what’s left of big-time organix.
No, no… none of that sort of thing. Hey… they took the barriers down at Zuccotti Park! Just sayin’…
Best we check out the latest clown-car destination of the Mitt/Newt/Rick show, or perhaps the latest statistically meaningless blips about economic improvement (that will drive the stock market up for no reason), or, Tim Tebow or Lady Gaga or… or you know… the usual (not talking) dog and pony shows. Somewhere.
Because, you know… that’s what you do.