Happy Festivus

In an America where a long-awaited Senate report on torture draws out polling that shows that something like 59% of Americans don’t think torture is justified: they think it’s awesomethe stock market hits record highs… just as the labor force participation rate reaches its lowest point since the late 1970’s… before many women… or talking dogs… were even in the work force. As the price of oil crashes… it might take out one of the few “green chutes” of our post-Great Recession “economy”… fracking for oil…
And while a few more prisoners have been released from GTMO… the official at State responsible for arranging Guantanamo repatriations… has quit.
I’m not even going to start on the mirth and merriment continuing in my own City in light of the ongoing Michael Brown-Eric Garner protests, seemingly hushed a bit in light of the senseless and brutal murder of two police officers in nearby Bedford-Stuyvesant. Just a day later, I eked out a finish in a 50-K… thus finishing my seventh “ultra” (against five ultra DNFs and thirty-nine (?) marathon finishes). All in all… let’s just say that the immediate and intermediate futures look… unclear. We are blessed/cursed to live in “interesting times.” And that’s without even considering the incoming Republican Congress (like that will make any meaningful difference!)
At a time like this… I say, we can all use a little Festivus cheer. Happy Festivus everybody!